AssayLite Fluorescent Development Kits

If you are unable to find a multiplex assay that meets your research needs, we offer a broad selection of custom development multiplex kits. Choose any combination of Multiplex Development Kit to customize your own multiplex assay. In addition to your choice of Multiplex Development Kits, a supplementary reagent package (Development Reagent Kit) is available for purchase.
Each AssayLite™ Fluorescent Multiplex Development Kit includes:
  • Coating Antibody
  • Standard
  • Fluorescent Probe (Red, Blue, Orange, or Yellow)
  • Each AssayLite™ Fluorescent Multiplex Development Reagent Kit includes:

  • Coating Buffer
  • Sealing Films
  • Diluent Concentrate (10x)
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate (20x)
  • Stabilizing Solution (1x)
  • Individual components can also be purchased separately.