With over 25 years of experience performing assays and over 12 years of developing assays on a variety of species, our services team is qualified to make your research a reality. We offer various kits in cardiovascular, metabolic, cancer, and diabetes research. Are you lacking the time and materials to run your own ELISA? We can do it for you! Assaypro is able to offer a cost-effective ELISA service to our customers by utilizing in-house components and protocols to fit your needs.
All our ELISA Kits are manufactured in our own state of the art laboratory. All the assays will be run using our own components. No outside components will be accepted. Samples may be run using an unlimited number of replicates for your convenience. Each of the kits will be run with an in-house control to insure accuracy. Test accuracy is maximized by using the Eppendorf EpMotion Automation System. All data is sent from our SoftMax Program directly to the customer in 10 working days or less. We are adding new assays all the time, so call if the assay of your choice is not on our site.

Sandwich ELISA

This type of assay employs a quantitative enzyme immunoassay technique that measures the enzyme in particular samples in a short amount of time. An antibody specific for the enzyme has been pre-coated onto a microplate. The enzyme in standards and samples is sandwiched by the immobilized antibody and a biotinylated antibody specific for the enzyme, which is recognized by a streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate. All unbound material is then washed away and a peroxidase enzyme substrate is added. The color development is stopped and the intensity of the color is measured.

Competition ELISA

This type of assay employs a quantitative enzyme immunoassay technique that measures the enzyme in particular samples in an even shorter amount of time than sandwich ELISA. An antibody specific for the enzyme has been pre-coated into a microplate. The enzyme in standards and samples is competed with a biotinylated enzyme sandwiched by the immobilized antibody and streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate. All unbound material is then washed away and a peroxidase enzyme substrate is added. The color development is stopped and the intensity of the color is measured.

Our Most Popular Assays

Human Apolipoproteins
Human Complements
Human Cytokines
Mouse Cytokines
Rat Cytokines
Human Factors
Human Immunoglobulins

Turn Around Time

If customer allows, to lower cost, we will perform a batch run if we have multiple orders for the same kit. The customer can expect to receive results within 10 working days or less, unless otherwise specified by the customer, or the customer’s samples are included in a batch run. When performing a batch run we will allow orders to come in for a month before testing the samples. These orders will allow for longer periods of time to run the samples.

Ordering Instructions

  1. Send a quote request to sale@assaypro.com. A request must be completed in order to process a service order.
  2. Refer to for proper labeling procedure. If your samples are not labeled correctly, your order will not be processed.
  3. Ship samples to:
    Assaypro LLC (Assay Service)
    3400 Harry S. Truman Blvd.
    Saint Charles, MO 63303

Shipping Instructions

  1. A good guideline to follow is www.iata.org, which stands for Specific International Air Transport Association (IATA). This is a required guideline for diagnostic packages, hence, it is the number one recommended site for all your international packaging needs
  2. For sample packages, we recommend packing your samples upright in a screw top lid (not required) to prevent leakage.
  3. All samples must be accompanied with dry ice and a dry ice label located on the outside of the package. Dry ice guidelines can be found on your courier of choice website.
  4. Box sizes may vary according to sample size, however; a box that encloses the samples tightly is recommended. **Please be aware the courier companies are not always aware of packages contents and will not always treat your package with the utmost care. Please include packaging popcorn or any other packaging protection for your samples.
  5. Shipping should be scheduled overnight Monday–Thursday to prevent sample thawing.
  6. Label the outside of the box accordingly with appropriate shipping label, packing lists, air bills, dry ice label, etc.

For any other shipping questions, please contact our services team at 636-447-9175 or service@assaypro.com.
Assay data for research use only, not for use in clinical studies.

Sample Tubing

Aliquot the required volume of each sample into microcentrifuge tubes, 0.5 ml screw top or snap top eppendorf tubes or equivalent tubes of the same size. Some tubes come in 96-well racks for convenient sample handling and to make shipping easier.

Examples of compatible tubes:
  • Company: VWR: Microcentrifuge tubes: Cat#: 20170-293 (0.65 ml)
  • Company: Fisher: Eppendorf Snap Cap: Cat#: 05-402-18 (0.6 ml)
  • Company: Thermo/Matrix: Screw top micro tubes: Cat#: 3743 (500 µl 2D Bar-coded, V Bottom Screw Top Tubes w/ Caps)


For plasma samples we recommend using sodium citrate as an anticoagulant for most assays. If you prefer to use other anticoagulants please inquire with us first.

Sample Volumes

Inquire about your required volumes as the amount is dependent upon the assay selection(s) and whether you want your samples run in single, duplicate, or triplicate, or more. We will not ship your samples back so please only ship the amount needed to run the assay or the amount that was inquired. Please do not dilute your samples. We will do that for you!

Sample Labeling

Each tube and lid should be labeled with the customer’s last name, quote number followed by a dash and then the order you wish the samples to be run starting with 1 (i.e. Smith- Quote#-1, Smith- Quote#-2, Smith- Quote#-3). Please maintain your own record of which number corresponds to which sample.

Infected Samples

It is a REQUIREMENT to specify whether samples are infected with HIV, Hepatitis or other viruses. If the samples have tested negative the appropriate documentation to prove this MUST be sent with the samples. If samples have not been tested we can still process the order, however, extra charges may apply.

Suggested Dilution

To optimize results we ask that you suggest the dilution factor or concentration range if known. If unknown or not suggested by the customer we will use the dilution factor already established in the ordered protocol. If you would like additional testing completed to test the best dilution factor extra charges may apply.

Sample Handling

Upon delivery, samples are inspected against the order form for the number of samples received. Inspection also includes checking for dry ice, verifying the samples are frozen, and the samples are properly labeled. The samples are then assigned an ID Number, recorded in the sample log database, and stored in a labeled container in the -80 degrees Celsius. Our facility is powered by a regular electric power and a back up gas generator to provide redundancy power supply.
Assaypro is committed to the continued development of novel products and to providing high quality, competitively priced products and services that meet or exceed our customers expectations. Assaypro is also committed to comply with the Quality Management System requirements of ISO 9001. Management will meet regularly to review and improve the performance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Assay Procedures

  • Each Assay is recorded into the Assay Services Research Notebook. An Assay Service Procedure Form is made for each customer before testing begins containing all customer information, assay information, and sample information. Samples are thawed at room temperature, inspected for correct volume of sample and any solid constituent that could interfere with the pipette. The samples are then mixed and placed on ice until ready for use.
  • All assays have an individual written protocol including reagents and their concentrations, storage conditions, sample collection, preparation and storage, reagent preparation, assay procedure, data analysis, performance characteristics, linearity, recovery, cross-reactivity, and reference value.
  • The standard, samples, and controls are diluted appropriately using the Eppendorf EpMotion Automation System. A biologist will oversee the process to verify no errors occur. If any errors occur they will be documented and the assay will be repeated if necessary.
  • All other reagents needed for the assay are prepared and stored at 4 degrees Celsius until ready for use.
  • Automatic plate washers are used and the assay is read using the SpectraMax 340PC384 plate reader and calculated using the most recent version of the SoftMax Pro System. The reader has been certified with FDA 21 CFR compliance.
  • All data is transferred to a PDF File and emailed to the customer along with the Assay Service Procedure Form.
  • All assays are performed by trained biologists under the Lab Manager’s supervision.

Validation Procedures

  • All of our equipment used in the assays are up to date and calibrated yearly as required by ISO 9001. Any new reagents used in the assay will be calibrated against the old lot of the reagent.
  • Assaypro reserves the right to change any reagents without prior notice.
  • Trending is completed for each lot of each assay to maintain consistency between lots.

Assay Performance

  • An internal control is run with each assay to insure accuracy.
  • If the control run in the assay does not perform within 20% of the average of the established values of the internal control the assay is thrown out.
  • The inter-assay CV for the control is calculated based on the average of the measured internal control values.
  • The intra-assay CV is calculated for each dilution of the standards, samples, and the internal control.